Thursday, January 26, 2006

Infinium Labs Rises from the Dead

Infinium Labs shocked critics on Wednesday by announcing they had secured $5 million in funding through Golden Gate Investors. CEO Greg Koler had indicated last month that their Lapboard needed $2 million for launch.

Not surprisingly, the stock rose as much as 70% before dropping back to the penny level. The subsequent drop had more to do with the predicted dilution from the deal than profit-taking.

Going forward, Infinium Labs should be a daytraders dream in 2006 as volatility should return to 2004 levels.

At only $.0185 from this publication time, investors should be rewarded for their patience as launch announcements flood the PR waves. Want a 2006 double? Infinium Labs is well worth the risk. The company is in its best financial shape since 2004, yet the stock is at a fraction of the cost. Launch of the lapboard should push this OTC penny stock to >$.10 levels. Hype alone may be worth investing in.


At 3:00 PM, Anonymous Jeremy said...

IFLB 6 month chart showing turn-around momentum - Luv this chart!


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