Monday, April 30, 2007

Join the Poker Player Alliance

Dear Eric,

This is Mike Sexton, and I want you to get involved to help support the great game of poker. I am sure that it isn't news to you that the federal government passed a law last year to restrict online poker sites from offering real money play. I believe it is possible to change the legal landscape. That's where the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) comes in. I have been personally involved with the Poker Players Alliance, and believe you should too.

The PPA is a grassroots movement, consisting of poker players like us, who would like to change the law. Our goal is simple - to change the ban, and allow us to play poker on-line, on licensed and regulated sites. I believe that poker is a game of skill, and a game that is part of the American fabric, and that licensed and regulated online sites can offer fair and secure online poker. I support the efforts of the Poker Players Alliance and I have arranged to sponsor a free PPA membership for you. Please CLICK HERE to join me and add your voice to millions of other poker players who will be heard by Congress.

Your part in this is simple. Just sign up now for this free offer (if you clicked in the above paragraph, you have joined), and the PPA will be sending you regular newsletters to keep you informed of what you can do to help bring back poker. The PPA is preparing to launch a massive lobbying campaign in support of new legislation that will be introduced shortly in Washington D.C. By joining now, we can send a message to our lawmakers to make sure that they know about our love of online poker and desire to bring it back.

Our mission will not be easy - or cheap. Lobbying for reform is an expensive process, and our efforts will not succeed overnight. The PPA is a not-for-profit organization, and your contributions go directly into lobbying efforts. If you can, please support our shared interest further with a donation.

If you are already a member, do not worry, you can upgrade your membership to a fully paid membership, or better by clicking here. Rest assured that your privacy rights will be secure with PPA. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone. I hope that you will join us in this effort. The time to make it happen is now.

For more information about the PPA and what is happening, visit

Mike Sexton


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