Friday, October 13, 2006

Game Over

He did it. As expected, President Bush today sign the dotted line banning online gambling. What am I supposed to do now? Read a book? Leave the apartment? Get real...

PartyPoker has already stopped taking bets from American players (read the official press release here)! It allows you to login to the site, but does not let you enter any cash games. You are able to take out the cash in your account only if it exceeds $100, but only in the form of a check.

PokerStars announced today they would continue taking U.S. bets saying the U.S. gaming ban does not cover poker. In addition, I received emails from UltimateBet, FullTilt & Bodog indicating they were "Business As Usual".

PartyPoker's withdrawal is surprising considering the hurdles the ban must still pass. The ban clearly violates U.S. agreements with the WTO. Also, the government has 270 days to write regulations and start enforcement. U.S. banks and other credit card issuers can be restricted easily. But third parties outside U.S. jurisdiction — notably a company called NETeller — take electronic transfers from banks and pass them to gambling sites. How do you stop them?

I have a feeling this story is not over just yet. Voice your outrage & send a letter to your local representative by clicking here. Or sign the online petition against the ban.


At 8:18 PM, Blogger Six said...

cool. Thanks.

At 1:08 PM, Blogger Kerwin said...

There are plenty of local gambling spots to go to.

At 10:47 PM, Blogger Stratman said...

It's truly amazing the level of hypocrisy our Government has risen to. They travel the globe dropping bombs in the name of freedom and democracy and then turn around and tell their own citizens how they should spend their hard earned money and what they can and can't do in the privacy of their own homes.

The way in which this legislation was passed as part of a ports security bill just goes to show how our legislators are more than willing to betray citizens constitional right's in efforts to furthers their own personal agendas.

If we the people of this country don't do everything we can to change those in power, we deserve exactly what we get.

At 9:21 AM, Blogger Kerwin said...

The idea of protectionism was written into the U.S. Constitution. All I see here is a way to steer people to local gambling instead of gambling in other countries so keeping the money and taxes in the family.

At 9:45 AM, Blogger TortfeasorG said...

@ Kerwin: nothing is quite so local as my laptop.

At 1:51 PM, Blogger Kerwin said...


I suppose not, but the world can be an interesting place one you get our and see it. At least that is what I have heard.

At 6:25 PM, Blogger We the People said...

You have a good site "eric" and of course correct about the new "law". As I mentioned on my site posting, the biggest concern American citizens should have is the level of personal privacy invasion the Government is trying to legislate by getting inside our banking and credit card activities to make sure we're being good boys and girls.

At 12:20 AM, Blogger Dogonia said...

Hey Eric, its Andrew.
Actually, there is one site that still allows Americans, I dont have the URL handy, but I will get it to you.

At 11:25 PM, Blogger Dogonia said... is what you want Eric.

Take care!

At 8:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This has less to do with morality and more to do with in-country gambling empires wanting to ensure their dominion here. Bush knows how to follow the money, he's a pro.

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